Assignment #1: Moss and Mcadams Accounting Firm

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Assignment #1: Moss and McAdams Accounting Firm
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Bruce Palmer was a good guy looking to make a difference. He was lead to believe that Zeke Olds was going to be available to him throughout the project and that was not the case. He was led astray and betrayed by Ken Crosby, a new guy to M&M. Crosby knew if he made the case to Sands early, that he would get his way. The client was one that M&M was competing to get with two other big 5 accounting firms and since Crosby came from a Big 5 accounting firm, M&M was going to give him whatever he needed to complete the project. Crosby was recruited specifically to manage special projects and this qualified as such. Even though Olds was already slated to work on the Johnsonville audit, Sands was persuaded by Crosby to let Olds work on his team due to the expertise that was essential to the Springfield project. If I was Palmer I would have talked to management about how the process is being handled and offer up a suggestion so that no other project manager would be misled by another. Palmer should have stood firm with Crosby from the beginning and maybe there would not have been a major issue along the way. He waited too long to talk with Sands and it proved that Palmers passive way was his demise in dealing with Crosby and ultimately lost him Olds on his project.

Once Olds started to do consulting work he realized that auditing was not as fun as consulting work. I do not believe Palmer could have anything to prevent losing Olds. Olds might have had good intentions but he showed a lack of focus when he started showing up 30-60 minutes late. Palmer should have scheduled a meeting with Olds and try to figure out what Olds wanted to do. A mistake on Palmer’s part was never sitting down with Sands and telling her what was going on. There may have been no change but at least he would have stated his frustration and put the responsibility to...
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