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Topics: Management, China, Tang Dynasty Pages: 4 (1288 words) Published: November 26, 2010
3.What are the reasons for Li's behavior?
Yong Li, one of the AM’s for the firm has already achieved a certain extent of success within the primary focus of Intel’s strategy to develop connections and associations with the clients in his account base. Li is conscious to the fact that his accomplishments as an Intel ambassador is unquestionable and consequently to bring in additional value to his role he has placed effort, time and plan to one of the individual projects he has undertaken to self improvise and take a comprehensive approach to the detailing of the particular project. Li is self driven to achieve stiff targets that he sets out for himself, however the decision received from Tang’s office to scrap out the project indirectly through Qing Chen after two months of effort was taken into account as an insult to his calibre and competence. Li experienced an instant disengagement with his immediate supervisor and manager as he felt that his hard work, overall performance and the effort placed in his long term approach in the project was disregarded without any deliberation by the new heads of the division.

2. What are the roles of Chinese and Western cultures in these events?

The case study presents a perspective of the underlying troubles within China - Intel Corporation management styles that is flanked between a western corporate functioning and eastern philosophies deterring a smooth management change process and raising questions on decision making and directing people towards a common goal of the company.

Charles Tang originally a native from China has recently moved back from US as Intel’s new marketing head; however the employees and officials view him as a young expatriate who is unfamiliar with the “ways of the place”. Initially Tang in his interactions with the Chinese officials was undetermined as his direct responses held no weight in confidence. Tang soon learnt that his style of answering in a straight forward fashion without...
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