Assignment: 1 Malaysia

Topics: Malaysia, Race and Ethnicity, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Pages: 4 (1249 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Moral Studies Assignment
Group: Reborn Group
Assignment tittle: 1 Malaysia

1 Malaysia concept has been introduced since year 2009, on 16 September 2010 due to the official independence day of Malaysia, the sixth prime minister of Malaysia which is Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak designed this new long-run campaign for Malaysian. The priority of the aim of 1 Malaysia is calling cabinet, government agencies and civil servants to emphasise harmony, unity among national and efficient governance more strongly than previous years. The aim to promote 1Malaysia concept is to encourage residents of different races in our country to work together ethically, stay harmony with the sharing of cultures and develop an efficient government. In other words, it means to urge people practice the national unity spirit. Is it the 1 Malaysia campaign ethical or unethical? This question has been question for the Malaysian until now.

However, there are great quantity of peoples still doesn’t understand the meaning. Many peoples distort the connotation itself and even created more and more chaos in the society. First of all, 1Malaysia concept itself shows no wrong. The purpose to introduce this concept is to resolve the issues that arise between every different races along the years. It could bring to us a considerable benefit if the concept is working successfully. Due to this, the Malaysia government started to plan this concept. Although there are plenty of loopholes in this concept, but still it is the management problems and not an issue with the 1Malaysia concept itself. Nowadays, Malaysia provides a seamless internet connection throughout the country to make the world now without borders. We can access the internet anytime anywhere therefore there are various advantages that can be obtained either good or bad. Without ethical in digital world, it can increase the cybercrime such as Internet banking fraud, harassment, intellectual property infringement and intrusion offenses. The...
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