What Is the Chronology of the Formation of Malaysia?

Topics: Malaysia, Singapore, Federation of Malaya Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: August 4, 2010
What is the chronology of the formation of Malaysia?

1945 - Malayan Union concept was established by the British Imperialism government to establish a crown satus nation that path way to formation of Independence of Malaya. However, many local objected the motion as it expells all the 9 states monarchy Sultanes roll in political issues and excludes singapore from the union.

1947 - After seeing the uprising and riots among the Malays, British decided to replace the motion with the establishment of The Federation of Malaya but the talks on the Chinese and Indian immigrants continues.

1948 - Malaya entered the State Of Emergency period due to the uprising Communist rebellion.

1949 - The First Malaya General Election, in which winned by the Alliance Party comprising UMNO (Malay), MCA (Chinese) and MIC (Indian). The British now understand that the Malayan people wanted a multi racial nations. This gives the Immigrant their citixenship with the consents of the majority Malays population.

1955-1956 Tunku Abdul Rahman led a group of Alliance Party leaders to London to negotiate about the independence Of Malaya. Finally, the negotiation is achieved in February 1956 and the independence is officially given. 1957 - Independence and formation of The Federation Of Malaya at 31 August 1957. 1960 - The Communist rebels became weaker and weaker, leading to the uplift of the State of Emergency to be abolished for the first time since 1948

1962 - Talks on giving independence to Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei between local leaders and British. Singapore seems to be fine to enter Malaya. However, Brunei opposition leaders object the motion and cause chaos that lead to the abandon of the decision to enter Malaya. Sabah and Sarawak generally agree to enter however was objected by The Phillipines and Indonesia. Phillipines claim their sovereignity over Sabah while Indonesia wants to form a vast Malay nations that includes Malaya. UN decided to run a survey over...
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