Assesment of E4 Website and Skysports

Topics: World Wide Web, Advertising, Channel 4 Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Analyse the home pages of two popular entertainment websites, how does each site appeal to its target audience?

Today, I shall be analysing the home pages of two popular entertainment websites which are: and; E4’s target audience is mainly for the youth market with an estimate age range of 14-21 but also for music lovers. According to the National Readership Survey (NRS) stereotypically are grouped in to the working class group (D) as most of the programmes are quite controversial and tacky. This website is for both genders that also have a craving for soap operas and especially comedy, which are advertised on the home page. Moreover people whom like staying up-to date with the programmes that they have missed. But in contrast to the youth market is very different; as has a general audience to whom takes sport seriously. is directed more to men rather than women, as there is no feature of woman sports on the home page or navigation. This website is there for targeted to middle men whom take sport seriously and like keeping up-to-date with the latest breakthrough of televised sports news. is very precise with its layout and conventions’ which passionately follows the eye track III grid by accurately arranging the logo in the top left corner in addition to the opposite in top left corner with is the search has many frames, structuring this website and making it very simple and easy to the eye, with contrasting colours creating a youthful atmosphere. uses many headings to keep each section very structured but this also makes it clearer to each relevant frame. This website uses a substantial amount of copy but no use of scrolling text but there are many subheadings which direct the user to the relevant information. Sound is located at the top banner on the advert which is known as ‘skyscrapers’ which contains more adverts for the product/service. The main convention used is...
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