Explain How Media Reports of Crime Have Led to the Increase Public Concern

Topics: Mass media, Crime, Newspaper Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Charles Oshon
Explain how media reports of crime have led to increased public concern about criminal activity. When any criminal activity occurs the Medias are the first to the scene after the police. They interview families of decease and victims. The audience at home sees this and gets even more worried because they’re not sure what could happen the next day. The public is more concerned day by day as the media reports on the activities that are occurring. When a citizen leaves their house they make sure to lock up as good as possible because they’re not sure if when they come back home from a long day of work, there not sure if they are coming home to a house or just what’s left of it from a fire. Competition among newspapers, Magazines, cinema, and television pushes the media to develop new ways’ to catch people’s attention. The fascination of knowing the speed at which news travels around the world has changed the way in which we view everything around us. We turn to television to find out how the weather is going to be and choose the cloth to wear. If we want to know how the Prime Minister elections went or the opinion of the prime minister about an issue of concern to us, the newspaper becomes a good communicator. Often we comment with our friends about something that came in the newspaper or that we saw on television, but news is not the only reason why we read or turn on the television for. We also do it because we want some entertainment. Some of the same media entertainment we watch on television is what influence some of our criminals to do what they do. So the media really has a lot to do with the influenced the public concern. Some of the criminals use the media as a way to plan out their next criminal activity. Every day the news gets worst and worst every time that people don’t care to watch it and one reason that people watches the news is to see who is dead or shot, stabbed etc… if there is none of the above some people...
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