Asprcts in Teaching

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The most important aspects in a teaching

In order to perform a successful lesson, a teacher might have a lot of aspects to consider. For me, I have 5 aspects to be aware of. First, I have to understand my students. Second, the aim of the using course syllabus. Third, teaching strategy. The Fourth aspect is teaching process. And last, acquisition of the learning. In my sense, they are the most important aspects that I should be aware of.

In my opinion, the first and the most important aspect that teacher should be aware of is she/he has to know their student well. Every learner has their own unique personality. They have their own ways of thinking and learning. It’s, thus, the teacher’s job to try to understand her/his students. In a language classroom, there can be so many types of students mixed together. All of the student’s interests are quite different, young male students may interest in robots, while the females may want to learn about dolls. Furthermore, even in the same age, their skills can vary from person to person, for example one student in the class can be very smart when the other knows nearly nothing about English. Moreover, their background knowledge and their knowledge about the world are also difference, and it’s one of the major factors that affect their learning process. There is always a big gap among the students in one classroom. As a result, it’s a teacher’s job to choose the most appropriate topic or passage, and teaching style that suits their students’ level. Everybody in the class will be able to enjoy and participate in the lesson. It’s a very good idea to do so, in order to improve the motivation of the students, hence nobody will feel like they’re a leftover. The motivation of the student is very crucial in the learning process. Without understanding their students well, the teacher won’t be able to perform a successful classroom.

Second, the overall principles of the course syllabus. It’s true that the...
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