Aspirations of Leadership

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  • Published : February 29, 2012
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Leadership Research Essay
The leadership model style or theory that best describe the leader that I am would be the Path-Goal Theory. According to Northouse, the Path-Goal theory explains how leaders motivate their subordinates to be productive and to work towards a common goal. Our text tells us that a leader can help subordinates by selecting a style of leadership, (directive, participative, or achievement oriented); in short it explains what the leader’s responsibility to help subordinates to reach their goals by directing, guiding, and coaching them along the way. (Northouse, 2010). According to Robert House, “the path-goal theory is a theory of leader effectiveness, and can be considered as a variant of Transactional Leadership Theory. Where a leader is making a clear path for subordinates to act. (House, 2012) For instance, my subordinate is constantly confusing the directions/instruction given to complete task. It is my responsibility as a leader to find ways to help my subordinate to understand what is being asked. I would first start by explain in terms that can be understood what it is that required of them (directive leadership style). By getting involved and teaching my subordinate what to do is participative leadership style. Thus better equipping my subordinate with skills necessary to complete the task at hand is achievement oriented leadership style. Which enables the subordinate and me to reach our common goal? The Path-Goal theory suggest that that the subordinate will be more motivated to succeeded if they feel that their efforts to complete a task properly will not go unnoticed and that a certain outcome is unavoidable, making the payoff rewarding and worthwhile. It is like me being the follower I want to do my job and does it well, looking at my leader for validation that I have done my job well. My most distinguished leadership trait would have to be some of all the traits presented in the Path-Goal Theory. I as a leader...
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