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Topics: Marketing, Supply chain, Sales Pages: 7 (763 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Sales and Distribution Management


Class of

: 2012





Course Code

: SL MM 606


To make the student aware of issues related to sales force management focusing on ―selling‖ as a tool of Marketing Communication. The study of Channel Management offers an appreciation of logistics of information and goods, and exposes studen ts to the types of systems required to optimize organizational efficiency through this function.

Learning Objective: The aim is to prepare students to manage sales and channel teams for different types of selling, with the purpose of enhancing value based output and productivity
Learning Outcomes:



Sales Management - Decisions, Strategies and
Cases. 5ed

Richard R Still, Edward W Cundiff, Norman A,
P Govoni- PCI

Marketing Channels: A Relationship Approach

Coughlan, 7th ed

Sales & Distribution Management


Sales Management

Panda / Sahadev

Sales and Distribution Management – Text &

Havaldar / Cavale. Tata Mcgraw Hill - 2007

Retailing Management – Text & Cases, 2



Pradhan, Swapna. Tata McGraw-Hill - 2006

Faculty teaching the subject in all PGPM Campuses should refer Articles, Journals, Websites.

Detailed Syllabus
Introduction: Emerging Trends in S & D, Linking S & D
Role & Responsibility of Sales person: - Cross Functional Linkages, Types of selling, Value Proposition, Lifetime Customer Value Creation- Key Accounts Management.
Selling Skills: Communication, body language, listening skills, conflict management, negotiation.
Personal Selling : The process Prospects, pre-approach & Approach, Presentations, Objections, Close - A Promotion Mix Element - Diversity of Personal Selling Detailed Syllabus – The Class of 2012

17 Third Semester

Situation - Theories of Selling

The Sales Effort: Planning:
Sales Forecasting – overview of Qualitative and Quantitative Methods Budgeting – setting quotas, managing sales profitability analysis Designing and Managing Territories –- Routing methods.
Sales Force Management: Setting up a sales organization – Basic Types of Sales organization structures including outsourced sales force : Estimation of Sales Force – Workload, Breakdown and Incremental Analysis Recruitment and Selection of Sales Personnel - Planning and Conduct of Sales Training Programs - Motivating and Compensating Sales Personnel – Compensation Systems - Incentive Plans – Disincentive – Benefits – Performances Appraisals – Evaluation – Criteria for evaluation

Management of Marketing Channels:
Structure, Functions and Flows
Channel participants - Type and Number of Intermediaries - wholesalers overview, retailers, emerging channels- Internet, Social Networking, Digital networks. Selecting a channel – Channel Design -Vertical and Horizontal Marketing Systems Channel Evaluation – Channel Profitability Analysis- ROI- Channel Co-operation and Conflict Management

Rural Distribution: Features (extend above concepts to rural markets) Retailing: Nature and Importance - Types of Retailing - The Retail Organization Commodities Retailing Vs. Brand Retailing – Non-Store Retailing & e-Retailing Market Logistics: Meaning and Scope – Outbound Logistics – Transportation including multi-model system – Warehousing – freights – CFAs – 3 PL and 4 PL providers – reverse logistics – Technology in logistics – recent trends Cases

Introduction of New cases in necessary
Faculty will be handling eight or more cases
Baskin Robbins - Sales Strategy for India
Eureka Forbes – The Direct Marketing Pioneer
Mary Kay Inc. - The Saleswomen
Max New York Life - The 3P Strategy
Indian Aviation – Price Wars & More
Subhiksha - Discount Store with a Difference
Organization Restructuring at Nokia
HR Practices of the Container Store
Novartis - Managing the Sales Force
Women Sales Force at Tupperware
Dealer Training Programs - A New Trend
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