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Topics: Temporomandibular joint, Human, Feeling Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: November 19, 2010
Anger is a natural human emotion just like love and is very common among humans. We use anger to portray rage and feelings that we cannot cope with by keeping inside. We also use anger to communicate boundaries and defend our values. This feeling often occurs when expectations are not met on demand. It is in normal limits for humans to feel anger but it is usually mismanaged and dealt with in a negative way. Most people choose to contain their anger inside, which causes either stress or destroys the person mentally. In almost all cases anger is not handled in an appropriate manner to insure a positive outcome. This article discusses humans and how they improperly deal with anger. It talks about the different styles of how people manage their anger and the healthy ways of dealing with anger. I found this article to be very informative and descriptive since, it not only gives us a clear description of how and what makes a person angry, it also explains in detail the different types of people and how they manage their anger. It is also informative in the sense that it explains the issue of how people cope with their anger, how or why it is improper and a solution or the correct way of dealing with the issue. I learned that there are several different managing styles that most people fall under. These styles include: “Somatizers”, which are people who do not show any form of anger but rather hold their feelings inside causing severe bodily damage such as ulcers, temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), colitis, or migraines. “Self- punishers” who are people that neither hold back their anger or have an outburst but instead always feel guilty of being angry and blame themselves. They express their anger by causing harm to their own body. “Exploders” these are people that reach the peak of anger and perform actions without thought or concern. They only think of the fact that they are angry and they must do something about it. Usually involves out bursts physically and...
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