Poison: Meaning of Life and Vital Thing

Topics: Meaning of life, Poetry, Emotion Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: November 13, 2010
The Most Vital Thing in Life Vs A Poison T.
The Perrine’s Literature structure, sound & sense define poetry, “Poetry as a kind of language that says more and says it more intensely than doe’s ordinary language”. Some of the cases poetry tries to teach, or deliver messages, which can be advice before we do something in which we can’t regreate what we did in the past making the poem fail. According to Perrine’s a poem fail if a poem is sentimental, rhetorical and didactic. In this case, I can judge the poem The Most Vital Thing as a poor poem and the other one, which is A poison Tree I considerer acceptable. The first poem, which is the M.V.Thing containing excess word to express the meaning of the word. The ideas and thought of this poem have disorganization, also this poem try to give to us a moral and advice how you can control your feelings and anger before you heart the enemy. In the Most Vitalthing inlife one of the rules of the poetry I can use is Didactic, which has a basic purpose to teach or preach. When a person gets angry his heart rate and his blood pressure can reach very height levels. The same person, who has anger can involve some emotions such as: powerful, feeling of displeasure or indignation at some act, disappointments with another person, and fear. Some person can increase their energy and adrenaline in the same time making person anger. In most of the cases theses emotions are bad side which make the person to be rude or say bad things to another person. In the poetry of the most vital thing in life we can have an advise which is before a individual want to saying something that you know you will regret is better the person control his emotion and try to be calm or peace. In other cases in better have a mental balance when you confronted another anger person? It is not easy to control your thought but you have to learn some skill or a strategy which is going to help the person think or say something before insult...
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