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There are many things that make a paper a good paper…Today I will be discussing three of the most important… Intro paragraph—Purpose—and Conclusions.

The opening paragraph…or intro paragraph in any type of writing…whether it is a novel…an essay…newspaper or magazine article or whatever it may be… it is a major part of any type of writing. The introduction paragraphs job is to leave the reader with a good impression because it will be the first thing that they will read. It has to be able to not only leave a good impression, but hook the reader. A good intro paragraph will be able to grasp the reader’s attention and if the intro paragraph does its job, the reader should be engaged and want to keep reading… Not only should it hold the reader’s attention… but it should also be clear and to the point while still following the topic of the paper. You also learn the tone of the paper from the opening paragraph. At the end of the intro paragraph, normally the last sentence, there will be a purpose to wrap up briefly in one sentence basically what the rest of the paper is about. --------------------------------------------examples----------------------------------------------- My first example is taken from a recent Detroit Free Press article by Mark Snyder. On Tuesday, Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon hired Brady Hoke as the 19th coach in the 131-year history of Michigan football. Hoke comes to Ann Arbor after spending the past eight seasons as a head coach at Ball State and San Diego State. In the press conference, Dave Brandon says that he is pleased to announce the hiring of Brady Hoke. He also went on to say that he is a terrific coach and that he will be a great ambassador and leader of the Michigan football program. He later went on to say that he personally looks forward to having Brady build back up a championship program destroyed during the Rich Rod era. In this article, the author does a good job of engaging the reader. At least it made...
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