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  • Published : June 10, 2012
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Left and Right Brain Learners

Nikolas Robbins

COLL 100

American Military University
Tambria Schaefer

Left and Right Brain Learners

Aucoin, M. (2007). Right-brain project management: A complementary approach. Management Concepts Retrieved from Connell, D. (2012). Left and right brain. Retrieved from Fleming, G. (2012). left brain students. Retrieved from Fleming, G. (2012). Right brain dominant students. Retrieved from Hopper, C. (2003). Learning styles. Retrieved from Vuko, E. (1999). Right-brain, left-brain learning dance. The Washington Post, 1999(03), C04.

Begin your paper here. Double space the entire document and be sure that you put two spaces between each sentence. Indent the first line of each paragraph between five and seven spaces by pressing the Tab key one time on the keyboard. Start with a strong introduction that includes a thesis statement (what the point of the paper is). Then add at least three additional paragraphs of details that support your theme or thesis. These paragraphs should end with a sentence that transition to the next paragraph in order to create a paper that reads well and “flows” from one idea or concept to the next. Do not forget PIE: Proof, Information, and/or Evidence to support your points. PIE can be in the form of examples from your own life and/or citations from your resources. End your paper with a strong conclusion. Think of the conclusion as the closing arguments presented by a lawyer to a jury. Include the most important points from your paper you want your reader to remember. Do not introduce any new ideas or topics in your...
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