Unit 9 Project

Topics: Unemployment, United States, Great Depression Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: September 1, 2012
  Unit 9 final project 1
You are definitely heading in the right direction -
Start with you Introduction paragraph - providing an overview of all the key elements which will be discussed in your paper....as follows!!  
You are going to want to Provide an overview of the Welfare System (there are some excellent resources on the usa.gov sight as I personally did research yesterday to see exactly what was available to students).  

You will then analyze the effects of public policy on the welfare system;  
Next identify the goals and objectives of the welfare system; why was the welfare system developed;  
Identify the services under the Welfare System and how they are distributed (but don't go into detail about each specific service);  
You will then base your analysis of the identified strengths and weakness of the welfare system;  
Discuss the ethical implementation of services through the welfare system in the 21st century - what ethical standards might play into role in the delivery of such services'  
Conclude your project with your recommendation for improvement to the welfare system based on the research you completed. How might you as a human service professional be apart of such recommendation for improvement toward a positive change?  

Finally, provide a conclusion or summary paragraph which should restate all the main points covered in the paper - but don't offer any new information.  
Don't forget your reference page!
Don't forget to provide in-text citations throughout your paper as well!!!  
This outline completely sets up your paper for you....now you need to do the research and develop each of the key parts!  
If you need anything else, just let me know!

Welfare in the United States commonly refers to the federal government welfare programs that have been put in place to assist the unemployed or underemployed. In this project will focus on various areas of the United States welfare system. The area I will begin with is...
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