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  • Published : July 27, 2012
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Article Critique
The Safety Man Cometh
Bibliographic citation:
Mundy, R. D. (2003, December). The Safety man cometh. Professional Safety, 43-46.

MOS 5201, Safety Engineering

Russ Shinert
Professor Richard Gray
January 9, 2012

The critique studies the article of Randall Mundy titled “The Safety Man Cometh”. It describes the evolution of both the safety in the roofing industry as well as the progression of the safety culture in a company that he worked in. It identifies the safety conditions and culture that he worked in prior to new concepts being introduced in safety by a new owner, and the differences it made after that culture was instituted. It also looks at the evolution of the safety professional and the differences from the early precepts of what someone in the safety field had as expectations to what the anticipations are today.

Everything changes. Our work environments, our perceptions of what is needed at work and our outlook on safety all seem to be in a constant state of change, (irony intended!). Why is there still such a thing as a worksite accident? I mean who wants to work unsafe? I cannot imagine a sane person that gets up in the morning and starts the day by thinking, “I am going to place myself in a situation that could possibly cause serious injury to me or even death”. Yet, there are such occurrences every day even though the business environment and the litigious world that we all live in dictates that the work areas are keep safe. The world of safety itself has evolved to the point that the focus is no longer just on the hazards presented in the work spaces, but the employee’s behaviors as well. For a safe workplace, business leaders have found that it really has become a team concept and everyone is involved in that team. Even the safety professional has changed roles through this evolution. In the article The Safety Man Cometh written by Randall Mundy, the description of the changes that was noticed in the...
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