Research Article Critique

Topics: Sociology, Drug addiction, Longitudinal study Pages: 4 (1237 words) Published: March 8, 2012
Research Article Critique

The objective of this study which was conducted by two professors at Witchita State University, Cathleen A. Lewandowski and Twyla J. Hill was to evaluate whether social and emotional supports influenced the successful completion of drug treatment amongst women. The study was conducted in a non-profit agency which provided comprehensive drug abuse treatment in programs that were specifically designed for women. Although the facility in which the study took place was comprised of various levels of care such as: residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and outpatient treatment, this study focused on women’s completion of the 30-day residential program in particular. I believe this article targeted professionals that work with this population. The article was easy to understand and it used factual information to help substantiate their views. This study was theory-based longitudinal research. I believe the research problem under study is the low rates of women entering and successfully completing drug treatment programs. However this problem was not clearly stated in the text. Social Network Theory, the theory that drove this study argues that “social networks are important sources of social support” (Lewandowski, Hill, 2009, p. 213). The researchers hypothesized that women’s presumption of the emotional and material social support they received from both natural and professional supports would affect treatment outcomes. “The sampling frame was all of the women entering a residential substance abuse treatment program in the midwest during a 13 month period in 2003-2004” (p. 216). Systematic Random Sampling was employed in this study to ensure that women entering the treatment program throughout the month had an equal chance of being included in the study which contributed to the study’s ability of generalizing the results to a wider population. The sample included diverse populations although the majority of the women...
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