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How to Write a Sports Story

When writing a sports article, it is your job to obtain the statistics.

The headline should be an abbreviated sentence summarizing the game. Who’d we beat?

The lead paragraph should tell who, what, when, where. Set the score off with commas in your first sentence.

The how and why will probably be the top players’ statistics and the coach’s comments. The top players’ statistics should be the second paragraph. Have the coach’s comments be the last paragraph.

Use strong action verbs!

Brief example of a basketball template:

The Andes Central Eagles soared past the (opponent), 85-34, (date) at (town/home).


Leading scorers were _____________ with ___; _____________, ________; and ___________, ____. player points player points. player points

Top rebounders were _____________ with ___; _____________, ________; and ___________, ____. player points player points. player points

_________________ had _________ assists, while _________________ had ____________.

Coach _____________ commented, “______________________________________ .”

Below is an article from the September 11, 2007, Daily Republic:

Andes-Central Beats Bridgewater-Emery, 3-1

Jenna Winckler had eight kills to pace Andes Central in its 3-1 victory over Bridgewater-Emery Monday night. The Eagles won by scores of 15-25, 25-7, 25-20, and 25-15. Amy Chykta had four service aces and 10 set assists, and Danielle Walder had 13 digs for Andes Central. Jessie VanLeur led the Huskies with five service aces, seven kills, and three blocks. Robbie Letcher had nine kills, and Kayla Olinger paced the defense with 16 digs. The Eagles are now 4-7 and host Scotland today.

Bridgewater-Emery is 2-3 and hosts Freeman tonight in Emery. Andes Central’s junior varsity also won its match over the Huskies by scores of 25-17 and 15-15.

You may want to use the above article as a guideline for future volleyball stories. Notice that the leading players’ kills, service aces, set assists, and blocks are mentioned. Since our paper comes out only once a month, we won’t worry about the next game or the record because these probably wouldn’t be accurate by the time people read the paper.

Below are some action verbs that will make your sports headlines and articles livelier:

TrounceFly byBattle withSqueak Past
PulverizeSoar AboveSlide byBlast

TrampleSail PastSneak PastShatter

Write 10 synonyms for the word beat that could be used in the following headline:
Eagles Beat the Hawks.

Write 3 better versions of the following sentence: Jenna had 11 rebounds, Chrissie had 9, and Casandra had 7. Strive for strong, vivid words and variety.




Write 3 better versions of the following sentence: Derrick had 22 points, Colter had 21 points, and Colten had 20 points. Strive for strong, vivid words and variety.




Write 3 better versions of the following sentence: The Eagles lost to the Hawks. (Feel free to change the subject order, if desired. Hopefully, we will never need to use one of these sentences, but if we do, we want to be as tactful as possible.)




Number the typical order of how facts are written in a sports article. Which should come first, second, etc. (Hint: The date should never be first!) _____ when _____ who_____ what _____ coach’s comments

_____ where_____ how_____ why
Sports Article Template

Before you can successfully write a sports article, you must be able to dissect one. Select...
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