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TOK Essay – ART

What is art?
The definition of ‘art’ perhaps makes one of the most controversial, yet confounding topic of discussion; where it is observed that each individual definitely has a view point. Some are ardent supporters of their beliefs, while others choose to sit on the fence. Everyone has their own answer to –“what is art”. Majority agree with the idea that “art is a medium of expression”, which is probably one of the most stereotypical definition; but its overuse does not undermine its credibility. For some, art is confined to physical beauty, whereas others affix an emotional and/or personal aspect with the subject and consider it to be somewhat therapeutic. For some, art is skill, but for the rest it’s creativity. Some feel art is the product of thoughts and emotions in man, while others believe that nature is art too! So, is there a “right” or “wrong” definition? Can there be a “correct” definition? If yes, on what basis should one choose the correct explanation? But, why should art have ‘one’ correct definition? Besides, do we have to define art at all? Nevertheless, let’s put forth all viewpoints (listed above) together. The amalgamation of all the definitions above would be, “art is a creative medium of expression, thoughts, feelings and emotions presented in a skillfully aesthetic form existing in nature.” The customized definition may yet seem incomplete to many. Hence, I would like to sum up by saying that art in infinite, art is divine. Therefore it is better to leave it undefined.

What can be considered art?
This is yet another question that attracts different perspectives, which, again cannot be judges due to the subjective nature of art. It might probably be more convenient to understand a person’s notion on art, according to his/her nature and interests. I have observed that people with a more business mindset consider any piece of art which has earned accolades and is world-renowned; albeit it might just be...
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