What Do You Think Art Is?

Topics: Albert Einstein, Green, Kunisada Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Wei-Hsiang Wang
What do you think art is?

In my opinion, the major purpose of art is to influence someone. Some of the most common types of art in public are paintings, photos, and sculptures. When I go to the library, I would see photos of intellectual people, such as Gandhi, and Albert Einstein. These photos on the wall can greatly influence my mood and efficiency on studying. When I go to a hospital, I would see paintings and pictures that show life. Most of these paintings would have the color green, which brings energy and cheer up the mood to those people who are in pain. To think of what kinds of art I enjoy, I looked around my bedroom for the posters on the wall, because obviously the reason I bought them is because I like them. There are two posters by Ed Hardy, and a Japanese poster by Utagawa Hiroshige. The poster by Hiroshige is a painting of strong waves, and the one by Hardy is a painting of Japanese tattoo. These posters have similar styles in which the artist uses dominant colors and curvy thick strokes. I also have a poster that shows a motivational message, a photograph of someone climbing to the peak of a mountain covered with snow. Therefore, art works about nature interest me the most.

When I was young, I had a terrible nightmare about manikins, and from then on, I feel afraid whenever I see sculptures or shapes of human form without a face or a missing body part. I also get disturbed when looking at weird art works. For example, there was this time I went to an art gallery in China where I saw a painting of a baby with a huge head. I suddenly felt weird, as if I was trapped inside that painting. I also get confused at art works such as “The Son of Man,” where an object is placed on somewhere that’s bizarre. However, these kinds of paintings are what I would like to understand more about. I hope that I can learn how to look for the messages that artists wants to convey to the viewers through taking this course.
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