Art in Schools

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Lorna L. Clarke
Opposing Views
Chosen Logic and Destoying Creativite
The question our schools face today, do the Arts benefit the rest of the school curriculum. There as always two sides to every question and many answers. Numerous question a raise in the subject. Does an arts-rich curriculum promote self-benefit and cofidence? Yes because students will feel a sense of personal achievement if they produce a painting or express themselves through dance, drama, or song. However no. because achevement in any subject will have the same effect. Is it wise to teach the arts because students find them fun? Yes, because more students are likely to retain an interest in school if they can enjoy themselves. But, then no there is no point in teaching "fun" subjects if more important areas of the curriculum are squeezed out. The power of learning in the curriculum can help or harm. Enabling childern to listen to and play classical music -[the "Mozart Effect"]- helps their cognitive development. Nevertheless staticis show little evidence that an arts-rich education increases the likelihood of the success in the verbal or mathimatics scores. So do the arts really help or hurt the school curriculum, does it honestly benifet or is it just a waste. Well in follow paragraphs i will be showing sides showing both views.

First lets look at Kent Seidel's essay "How the Arts Contribute to Education", he is promoting that the arts to benefit the school. Thoughout his essay he includes that the arts are essentailk success. "...the arts represent require self-discipline, creativity, and cofidence to succeed." See in his argument Seidel's makes a good point, see the arts are teaching the kids life lesson. And yes they can learn them other ways but in the form of arts the kids are learn these things hands on, in thier own indiviable way. Think about it no to people are the same, they might have been created the same but each is unique in thier own way. menaing all child...
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