Nicole Smedile Proposal Argument

Topics: Visual arts, Art, Music Pages: 3 (1244 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Nicole Smedile
Proposal Argument

Life without Art
Life without art is boring and dull. But often at times, art is a subject that is underestimated in schools. The art courses in many schools are being cut back across the country. Many classrooms now have little supplies, and some courses are being taken away entirely. There are many reasons to which students need the aspect of art education in their curriculum, whether it is because it is an outlet for them to explore their creativity, or to work in a way that is soothing and in a stress- free environment. Art should be a mandatory subject to be taught in elementary and middle school as a child is growing up, but cutting back on art programs in schools seems to be a common solution to budget cuts since the 1970s when budget cuts began. Fewer public schools are offering art classes, whether it is in drama, dance, or visual art. This decline is due to budget cuts and an increased focus on math, science, and reading. Unfortunately, art classes are the first to be cut from schools, because the arts aren’t taken as seriously as subjects such as math and science because the arts programs are the first to be cut. This is a major problem in education. The movement to cut art from many schools has been growing in recent years. Education cuts are becoming more prevalent as schools face tough decisions on budgets. Unfortunately, art classes are usually some of the first victims of these cuts. Recent protests in California reflect the growing concern about budget cuts. Schools have already made cuts of $18 billion in California and more cuts totaling $4.1 billion may be necessary (Kirkland 1). California is not the only state facing this situation. Lower tax revenues, increasing prices and the slow economic recovery have created problems across the United States. The event of recent cuts in the art programs is a serious issue, and when I become an art teacher I want to take a stand...
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