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Juan Luna
Auto biography
BirthnameJuan Luna y Novicio
Born October 23, 1857 (1857-10-23)
Badoc, Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Died December 7, 1899 (1899-12-08) (aged 42)
Hong Kong
Studied Academia de Dibujo Y Pintura, Ateneo de Manila
Escuella de Bella Artes
MotherLaureana Novicio y Ancheta
FatherJoaquín Luna de San Pedro
Field Painting, drawing, sculpting Movement Romanticism, Realism Works Style of painting

Juan Luna's paintings are described as being vigorous, realistic and dramatic and with romantic elements. In a single brush stroke, he paints a fair of emotions that fills the beholder with drama and tragedy of his theme. His style shows the influence of Delacroix, Rembrandt, and Daumier. However, despite experiments in what would now be called "proletarian art," the basic style of Luna remained classical, because classic dignity was what he desired for the Filipino and his dreamt-of republic. Criticism

España y Filipinas (1886)
The paint which depicts Spain leading Philippines to progress is a lie. Juan Luna is the only person here who progressed because of the lumpy sum Spain paid to him for his painting España y Filipinas. This is a painting that once linked the colonized with its former colonists, a "bucolic allegory" of the master and the servant "walking hand in hand", a reminder that we were once and we still are under Spanish bondage. Tampuhan (1895)

Looking at the composition based on the attached, the girl looks far enough from the guy, yet her arm rests on the same wood panel where the guy is leaning on. Notice the perspective where the lady’s arm is leaning on, it’s got more surface than the wood panel the guy is leaning on, meaning where the guy is leaning on is definitely farther away. Which artistically means the guys is cheating. Moreover, the guy apparently was ogling the three beautiful ladies across the street, much to the dismay of his ladylove, and the reason for her sulking.

The painting is nice…but i...
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