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Topics: Egypt, Cairo, Islam Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: March 9, 2013
How did the Fatimid movement contribute to the political and economic position of Cairo and Egypt? Consider the effect of the movement's religious politics as well as the effects and trends that lasted beyond the dynasty's rule. The Fatimid movement was a Shi’a Muslim group that aimed to spread their beliefs all around the Arab World. The movement lasted from 909 to 1171 until Saladin became Sultan of Egypt. The movement also left its mark on Egypt.  The Fatimid’s existed during the Islamic Golden Age in which philosophers, scientists and engineers of the Islamic world contributed to the world. Fatima, the daughter of prophet Mohamed, married Ali. Ali then became the fourth caliph of Isalm but not all the people were pleased with that which consequently split the people into two groups; the orthodox Muslim were known as Sunnis and the family of Ali, the Fatimites named after his wife Fatima were known as Shi’ites. The Fatimites believed to be the followers of the “Divine Right” and intended to conquer the Arab world and, to their belief, lead them to the right religious path. At the end of the 9th century a Shi’ite missionary went to Barbary and attained political and spiritual influence over the Berbers. Following by example of prophet Mohammed, Ali formed a large army in 908. Although they extended their rules to almost all of North Africa still they had intended to capture Egypt. Mo’izz, the Fatimite Caliph, was a cultured man and a just ruler who was different. When he first entered Cairo he didn’t murder all the population, which was the usual case upon conquering a new land at that time, but he wanted to form a new city “Al-Kahira” – Cairo.

In 970 they built the Al-Azhar mosque from which developed a Mydrasa, school, in 975 that had faculties in Islamic law and jurisprudence, Arabic grammar, Islamic astronomy, Islamic philosophy, and logic. Now Al-Azhar University is the oldest university in the world and perhaps the most influential Islamic school....
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