Egypt Political System

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Politics in Egypt
Egypt’s Profile
Egypt is a state situated in the North of Africa officially known as the Arab republic of Egypt. It is one of Africa’s most important countries due to its attractions like the pyramids. It is also a home to about seventy eight million people. It is bordered to the south by Sudan, to the Libya in the west, Israel and Gaza in the east and the Mediterranean Sea in the North. All its major cities lie along the River Nile which runs across the country from the North and empties in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the source of sustenance to the people of Egypt. The largest city which is the capita; city of Egypt is Cairo. Egypt’s terrain is that of a desert except for the areas bordering the river Nile and Delta. The common religion in Egypt is Muslim, which is also a basis from which its political system was created (US Department of State 2010). Government and political system

The type of Government in Egypt is that of a republican nature. In republic form of a government, administration affairs are open to the public, all citizens are thus participants. A republic is thus a political state that is independent in its form of government. There is no monarch and instead, there is a president according to modern times. Supreme power exists in the citizens who exercise it by voting and choosing their own elect officers to represent them in governing (Shehata 2009). Politics in Egypt

Just like any other republic form of a government, the government is headed by a president who is vested with a lot of power. He can appoint one or two vice presidents, a prime minister and the members of cabinet. The president’s terms runs for six years. The legislative body is known as the ‘People’s Assembly’ and is made up of 454 members; 444 elected and 10 nominated members. The assembly seat for a term of five years. There is also a shura (consultative) Council containing 264 members. In these 264, 88...
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