Topics: Abortion, Pro-choice, Pregnancy Pages: 4 (1432 words) Published: May 24, 2013

This argumentative paper is about abortion and reasons why women should have the choice to give birth or not. It will provide information about the government's interest with this issue. The audience will be well aware of this issue because it has been a sensitive topic in society. Also the audience may have strong feelings towards it, especially if they’re a parent. But they will understand the different views behind abortion can give them a better look into a womans position by deciding to undergo this procedure.

As we know abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. Woman who have unwanted pregnancies choose abortion procedure. For example, woman who have been raped, accidentally missed their birth control, or suffering from an illness should have the right to choose if they want to bring a child to the world. Women who choose this procedure may do so because she may not be financially capable of upbringing and raising a child, it would be very difficult. Although the choice of putting a child for adoption can be a solution, the guarantee for every child to be adopted is inconceivable. According to National Adoption Center, as of 2003 514,000 children were put into the foster care system nationally. Even though 52,000 were adopted, an additional 115,000 wait to be adopted. The amount of time these children stay in foster care; 18 percent will stay less than a month, 32 percent will be in care for 1 to 11 months, 20 percent is 12 to 23 months, 11 percent is 24 to 35 months, 10 percent is 36 to 59 months, and 9 percent is up to 5 years or more. It is clear that adoption can be a solution, but the child may suffer emotionally during the process.

Some emotional appeals to having an abortion for example, would be the negative impact that it would have on a mother’s life. Some pregnancies often happen at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Imagine living in such poor and awful conditions, would you really...
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