Argumentative Writing- Private and Public Education

Topics: Teacher, High school, Independent school Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Section B: Argumentative / disscursive writing

7 ‘Education provided by the state is good enough for everyone’

‘private (paid for) education is far more beneficial for students tan state-funded education’

which view are you in closer agreement with-and why?

Private and public education is a conflicting debated issue, nevertheless i im convinced that ‘education provided by the state is good enough for everyone” and that paid for education is not always better than state-funded ones. To begin with, the view i have choosen, remarks to us the fact that it seems as if there were people who believe to be better than others and deserve something superior, which i totally disagree with, thinking that public schools are good for lower class people but are not good enough for everyone, what is a total lack of judgment, because we are all equal. Furthermore, the greatest advantage of public education is that it is free, while in private ones you need to pay a sum of money which is obviously way more than what the service of teaching really costs considering you can have it for free. What i mean by this is that sometimes people believe that the higher the cost the higher the quality, but private and public schools can clearly prove wrong this statement as in the end both graduates, the ones from a public and the ones from a private school, obtain the same, knowledge and a diploma that says they finish high school, then the amount of knowledge they will have when leaving school will depend more of themselves than of the institution. Another point that has to do with this, is the fact that nowadays a college degree is what really matters when you go to look for a job, it isnt very important if you when to a public or a private school as long as you have a good college degree, so for those who claim that people that went to private schools obtain better Jobs, i tell you, you are fully confused, you got the same chance of getting a job than the student who had...
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