Life Is to Easy for Young People Today

Topics: Baby boomer, World War II, Private school Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: April 14, 2013
‘Life is too easy for young people today’; something often said by members of older generations, particularly those of the baby boomer generation that followed the Second World War and are now in retirement. Were as some may read this and nod their heads in agreement, the world is a different place to what it used to be. Young people may seem to have it easy, but in many ways, they have it much harder then anyone could imagine. In the times of old, a teenager could leave school and go straight into work. Those who were rich would go onto university; those who were poor would go into manual labor, such as factories of coalmines. In this day and age, each person is entitled to an education, and with the large competition for the best jobs, most are expected to go to both a 6th Form College and a university in order to stand a chance of getting into a good job. Before a young person even hits the ground and begins earning money, they have in many cases racked up enormous student loans to pay their university fees – something unknown to those who believe living it easy means doing a job behind a desk as opposed to behind a pickaxe or work bench. Often, the very top of the pile are those who attend top private schools. Some intercity firms are known to be bias about hiring – even to the point of not interviewing those from particular schools with bad reputations or areas known to be crime hot spots, and so by attending private school, a person has an advantage over their piers without having to do anything. In some cases, the Government will give out unemployment benefits to those who are unable to find work. In some cases, this can be higher than a person would receive for working, thus discouraging them from going to work, and by both working and claiming the benefit; a person is breaking the law.
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