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Private or public
There are many differences between private and public schools. I graduated from private school but, I had been studying public school too. So, I know the differences and identifications of private and public schools. The reason why I choose private school is I studied better in private school than in public school. There were many advantages that I found in a private school which were the studying condition was better in private school and teachers were highly qualified than that in public school. It is much better to choose private school because private school can educate student better than public school. Despite, private school charges tuition while it can give students much more education than public school. The more you pay, the more you take. Most parents want their children to gain better knowledge because knowledge is the most vital thing. But, parents have some trouble with choosing the right school for their children.

The first difference between private and public school is teachers. Teachers of private school are better educated than teachers of public schools. Because private school employers try to hire well educated teachers who have not only have a bachelor’s degree but also have a graduate degree. The quality of education is the most important one. Moreover, private school teachers have to have well communication skills and ability to teach well. In contrast, public schools don’t care much of their teachers. Any teacher who has a bachelor’s degree can teach in public school. In my high school, most of our teachers were young and well-educated.

The second difference between private and public school is studying conditions. Studying condition in private school is less noisy than that in public school. Because, private school have less number of students and teachers as compared to the public schools. In addition, studying rooms are more comfortable than that in public schools. Moreover, studying rooms in public schools are...
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