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Topics: Leadership, Bible, Management Pages: 6 (2026 words) Published: April 23, 2013
WHY the Bible?
This book presents 40 principles of leadership based upon the Holy Scriptures. The number 40 is one of the most meaningful numbers in the Bible. While the number seven is considered to be perfect number, the number 40 appears in numerous Scriptures: The flood lasted for 40 days and nights, the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, Moses was on the mountain for 40 days when he received the Ten Commandments, David reigned for 40years, and Jesus was in the wilderness during his temptation for 40days.Thus, perhaps it is appropriate that this book have 40bibilically inspired of Leadership. History is full of stories of leaders who have achieved greatness. Example includes Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Winston Churchill, and Abraham Lincoln just to name a few. However, the decision was made to look to the Bible as the primary source of the principles of leadership.

The Bible is God’s inspired Word. The Bible presents its leaders as they are foibles and weakness along with strengths and accomplishments. The Bible doesn’t sugarcoat or use public relations techniques to portay its leaders. God’s words paint a person as he or she really is. They are presented with both the good and the bad. Examples are numerous and include men such as Noah, Abraham, Peter, and David.

Noah followed God’s instructions and built an ark in preparation of a flood which would preserve humankind. But, later he is depicted as being both drunk and naked. Abraham, the father of many nations and the great patriarch, lied about his wife and set her up for adultery. Peter’s record reflects great courage as well as a long list of failures. David the great leader of Israel, sinned with Bathsheba and arranged for the murder of her husband, Uriah the Hittite LEADERS ARE LIKE EAGLES NOT LEMMINGS

Leaders are often compared to eagles. One sign in an executive’s office read. ”Leaders are like eagles; they don’t’ flock, you find them one at a time.”
The eagle is a majestic bird that has been admired by human beings throughout history. It has been the subject of artists and sculptors. It has been chosen as the symbol for various nations to include the Roman Empire, Czarist Russia, Germany, and the Unites States. The highest leadership designation within the Boy Scouts of America is that of “Eagle Scout.”

The comparisons to the eagle in the Bible are usually in reference to God. Otherwise, they are used in comparison to the quality of strength on the part of man. It is said that young eagles are taught to fly by the bearing up of the eaglets on the wings of the adult bird. Then, while soaring, the young eaglet is allowed to try out its wings under the watchful eye of the adult. In Exodus 19:4,God tells Moses how the Hebrew people are were delivered from the Egyptians in the summer manner being borne on eagle’s wings. LEADERS ARE PEOPLE PERSONS

In organizations, there are two types of positions of responsibility: line and staff. The line positions make up the leadership position within the organization while the staff positions are responsible for providing support to the line positions. LEADERS HAVE ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS

Effective leaders must possess administrative skills. Leadership is but one function albeit perhaps the most important function of the management process.
Thus, leaders are also administrators or managers. They are responsible for assuring that the work gets done .Joseph was such an administrator .He was could only to the Pharaoh and was responsible for managing the kingdom and planning for the predicted famine. Eace of these management functions is summarized as follows: * Planning-To determine the objectives and a course of action to be taken * Organizing-To move the people to action and to assure that the group carries out their prescribed tasks effectively and enthusiastically. * Controlling-To continually take corrective action in order to assure that the actual performance conforms...
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