Topics: Fiction, Puberty, Yukio Mishima Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: April 9, 2013

“The Cigarette” is one of Yukio Mishima early works, written in 1946. Yukio Mishima is famous for written a blending of modern and traditional aesthetics that broken cultural boundaries, with a focus on sexuality. In this short story, Yukio Mishima describe, some of the scorn and bullying he faces at school. For example an episode where he tells the members of the schools rugby union club that he belonged to the literary society. And Yukio Mishima background is reflected in this short story. In first person narrator, he tells the story about Nagasaki. Nagasaki is a boy from Japan who comes from a rich family. Nagasaki is a genuine boy in the middle of puberty. He goes from being a child, to becomes a teenager. In the beginning of the short story Nagasaki says: “ I cannot lock back on the turmoil of adolescence as something either enjoyable or attractive” he also refers to a poem written by Baudelaire: “ My youth was but a shadow storm” Nagasaki tries to tell how good and safe it is to be a child. A stage his moving away from. Nagasaki is not like other kids. He do not has many friends, maybe because he do not have the same interesting like the most other kids, for Nagasaki loves the nature. It is in the nature he finds some peace. One day at school, they played basketball and he actually joined but he was so hopeless thought that he ended up as a reserve and he began to fell he selling himself for friendship. He lefts the game, and strolls over to the flowerbeds at the back of the school buildings. He enjoys sitting and looking at the flowers. Before, all the flowers fascinated him, but now it was only the chrysanthemums that concern him. Chrysanthemum is the perfect flower. A flower who bloom when everybody else die. The flower symbolize, that even every thing is gone, there is still something back. It is happened when Nagasaki smoke the cigarette. He changes her personality. He becomes unserious and begins to hang out with other people. The...
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