Argument Topic

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Argument Topic

Are we too dependent on internet?

Nowadays, more and more people depend very heavily on the internet because of studying, working and living. Internet has become one of most important parts in modern life. As the outstanding achievements of modern science and technology revolution, the rapid development of internet into the various domains of society. The internet changed human living mode. The internet is advantageous because of it lets us search the information, shop and relax.

First, we can use the internet to search information. Because the internet let us search information faster and convenient, it is common to see students and people use the computer in libraries, classrooms, dormitories, offices and café when they are studying and working. The students and people can not work without the internet. So the internet has to cover these places. As a student, I know the reason why students and people need the internet anywhere. Because in modern society, people are lazy to search the information in books, newspapers and magazines. Most of people do these works online. Students are lazy to read the books, use pen to take notes an d finish the homework, they think it is faster and more convenience to use e-book to read the article, take notes and finish the homework. Also, “the information on internet is widely. It is like a large library that includes a lot of useful information and educational materials. You can search anything on it” (Bator, 2009).

Secondly, we can use the internet to shop online. Because online shopping is convenient and cheaper. “Sellers usual sell their products through some famous websites like Amazon and eBay. Same way, if consumers want purchase something that they want, they can through those famous websites too” (Harrison, 2012). Usually, these websites have classification, screening and comments function, they can find out the products and prices what consumers like, also consumers can see all...
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