Argument Essay on Smoking Is Good

Topics: Cancer, Tobacco smoking, Lung cancer Pages: 3 (793 words) Published: November 16, 2011
In this article, the writer sets out that smoking is good in many aspects and brings benefits to the smoker. The writer is just being irrelevant and ridiculous about his statement. At the beginning, the writer states in jeered way he knows the “ill effect” of smoking. But then, he condemns the effects of smoking has been exaggerated. The writer’s rudeness and arrogant are shown when there were people admonish him.

This article main flaw is shown through the languages use which is very colloquial and not serious. Mountains of rude words are used in whole article. The weakness of this article continues when the writer states that a Samaritan advise him. But he was being arrogant and ignored the Samaritan.

Besides that, smoking shows it is the only way that brings peace to the writer. He also states the effects of smoking are nonsense. The words ‘spit’ and ‘bruhaha’ used reflect the rudeness of the writer. The flaws continue when he tries to show the scientific proof, “estrogen-dependent endometrial cancer” but he himself claims he doesn’t know what the disease is all about. This disease is related to unopposed and prolonged estrogen stimulation. As a result, the activeness of the active cancerous cell in the body will be lowered down.

Having doubt with the weaknesses in the article, let us proceed to counter arguments. The first argument put forward by the writer is smoking is the only solution that bring peace to the smokers. I don’t completely agree with this line as there are millions of morally ways to gain a peaceful feeling. Based on a suggestion, “exercise courtesy of the University of Florida”, you need to take a deep breath, wiggle your toes and open your eyes. When you do so, you will feel refreshed and calm. This can be considered as the easiest way to gain peaceful feeling.

Moving to the next argument, in the aspect of health, only one in three of us will get lung cancer including non-smokers. There is no concrete proof about that in this...
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