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Noor Arfa Franchise System

Franchise Overview

A Business Opportunity


Noor Arfa Batek Sdn Bhd



our Company4

The Market5

The Opportunity6

The Franchisor7

Key Personnel8

The Business9

Initial Training10

Ongoing Support12

Professional Development13

Working as a Franchisee15

The Investment17

Ten Reasons To Franchise18





Welcome to the Noor Arfa franchise business opportunity.

This overview introduces our business and its strengths, and outlines the dynamics of our Franchise System.

Noor Arfa Batek Sdn. Bhd. (To be referred hereafter as Noor Arfa) has been in operation for over 28 years, with a proven track record of sales success and business development. I have extensive experience in textile batik manufacturing, and running Noor Arfa has been both professionally and personally rewarding.

Over the years, with the benefit of first-hand experience and industry knowledge, we’ve fine-tuned our business systems, product, services and marketing initiatives. Noor Arfa has been ready for expansion for some time, but day-to-day responsibilities in our existing operations make effective management of more company-owned branches difficult.

Franchising Noor Arfa is the answer. Through a thriving network of franchises, the business can grow and prosper, built on the solid foundation of success and experience. Together we can serve more customers, increase public awareness of our brand and maximise marketing campaigns.

Franchising is a great way to join a successful organisation while still enjoying the freedom of owning your own business. I’m confident that Noor Arfa is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Wan Mohd Ariffin Bin Wan Long
Executive Chairman
Noor Arfa Batek Sdn Bhd

Our Company

From the backyard of the founders house, our exclusive hand drawn batik is now a multi million ringgit industry with markets as far ranging as Europe and the Middle East. Our batik fashion house or haute couture combines contemporary design and traditional Malay motifs into batik of simple elegance, and are very much sought out by discerning customers from around the world.


We are involve in various batik production processes from manufacturing from printing, colouring/dyeing, designing and tailoring, wholesaling, exporting to retailing of our batik products. Our batik manufacturing complex sits on a 2.5 acres of land at Cendering Industrial Area, some 6 kilometre from Kuala Terengganu on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.


Noor Arfa seeks to be the leading pioneer in the production and distribution of batik products in Malaysia and to be the world known designer label of batik. It is our mission to produce the highest quality batik product by producing superior and unique designs with the support of a systematic production house and strategic management. We seek to open a chain of Noor Arfa Batik retail throughout the world through franchising.

Noor Arfa is Malaysian’s largest commercial Batek producer. Noor Arfa has built a reputation as the leading manufacturer of superior hand – drawn fashion items and accessories. We also train and develop master craftsmen that consistently produce quality with excellence. We stand out as leader in our industry in the way we have perfected the art of combining distinct colour with classic designs and traditional Malay motives, to create Batek of simple elegance.

The Market

Noor Arfa Franchise operates in a dynamic and evolving marketplace. Consumers are presented with many options for batik textile and we see a growing interest in fashionable and contemporary batik that address the need to be trendy and yet unique in identity. We find our customers desiring the look that is Malaysian and yet...
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