Are You a Good Listener

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Are You A Good Listener?
I feel that I am a good listener because I am very attentive to what a person or individual has to “say”. I am the type of listener that is supportive to others, analytical to a person situation, and advises on how to handle a situation. First of all, I feel I am a supportive listener because I have been a support system for individual in my life for a very long time. I have been the one that family and friends come to when they are going through various situations weather it is physical, emotional, and/or financial such as; (shelter, food, clothing, etc). I allow them to learn on me until they can fix their situation but sometime that can become a problem if you don’t apply rules and/or standards. I am an analytical listener because I want to make sure that I understand exactly what is being conveyed to me is interpreted in the corrected manner. Therefore, I can advise the individual correctly, and the situation is familiar to me. I believe that my experience may be able to help or is helpful to someone. Lastly, I like to give advice, input to the problem, and/or my suggestion/solution to assist in any way to help resolve the situation. I want the individual or person to know that I am here to help because I care and understand where they are coming from because I may have actually been faced with this situation before and it may be something that I can help them through. The listening quiz revealed that my listening effectiveness is extremely poor and my score was less than 4 (Always). I am very surprised and sadden about my score and ability to listen effective because I really felt that I am a good listener. I really didn’t want to admit that I agree with what the quiz reveals about me, but deep down in my heart I know that the quiz is somewhat true. I know this because of the conversations in which I have had with my children and friends. My oldest son tells me all the time that I don’t listen and I only hear what I...
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