Are We Losing Our Edge-Response

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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America’s Talent: Gone
“Are We Losing Our Edge”, an article published in Time, written by Michael D. Lemonick, discusses the competitive edge that America has against the rest of the world. The thesis that Lemonick conveys are future scientist and engineers around the world moved to America for its enormous resources, academic freedom, and history of excellence. However, the times have changed, and these scientist and engineers are now moving to their native land to continue research and development. These other countries have increased programs and grants to remain a formidable foe in the technology game. In turn, lowers America’s ability keep talented people and corporations on American soil. Thus, affecting research and development and cooperate profits. These other countries are thirstier and hungrier than America. Lemonick argues this by pointing out several scientists who began their careers in America and now moved to other countries with superior programs or funding. China, South Korean, and India are catching up fast to America’s economic performance. Lemonick supports this by using examples from different critics who blame President George W. Bush for his poor choices with science and technology appointed leaders. U.S. corporations are focused on quick profits instead of research and development. The article points out a 505 page report, developed by a team of distinguished scientists and Nobel prizewinners, who claim the situation is serious and new government funding needs to improve. Lemonick paints a potential picture to the readers by telling of America losing companies IBM and Du Pont to countries like India who will provide better incentives. A second reason Lemonick identifies are companies have placed extraordinary pressure on competition and a need to raise stock prices. These all have forced America’s foremost companies to abandon research and development programs. Third, U.S. students have found out it is easier to enter the corporate...