Exploration and the Culture of Science Has Shaped American Civilization

Topics: Americas, Puritan, United States Pages: 4 (1114 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Exploration and the Culture of Science has Shaped American Civilization Cahyo Adi Nugroho – Sebelas Maret University

Foerster (1962) explains that in the eighteenth century the Puritan’s faith started to be abandoned by society. The interest of the people has moved from religion into science and politics. As we see that many aspects in religion and science are opposite. American society changed their thought from God-centered become human-centered. Their guide was no longer the Bible but their reason. The world then become like machine that have to be explored and researched. God himself only become, as Foerster said, “First Cause”, which starts the machine and left it to operate in perfect order based on mathematical and physical rules.

The exploration and the culture of science in America lead the people to discover new knowledge from the nature. The science is needed to dispel falsehood in society like superstitions, myth, fable, fantasy, or hoax (Goetzmann, 1988). People apply science to invent new things to improve the quality of the society. Combined with the profit motive, competition among big corporation lead the people to use science to build the new technology and industry that can be a power of the country (Palecek, 2009). Exploration and the culture of science have important roles in American history. Goetzmann says that it is the era when the people can struggle and get their purpose democratically. The discussion about this topic becomes important because it have influenced and shaped American character today. Getting the references from books and some articles, I attempt to explain their influences in American cultural identity. The conclusion considers that the exploration and the culture of science in the past have influence American Civilization today in term of character and the power of the country.

The Culture of Science in America
In the eighteenth century, American people started to leave the Puritan’s ideology. In the past,...
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