Are We Doing Enough to Help the Lower Income Group?

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Term paper: Are we doing enough to help lower income groups in Singapore? OUTLINE:
* Intro Paragraph
Thesis Statement:
The government and help groups are not doing enough to help poor single parents in Singapore.

* Body Paragraphs
Body Paragraph 1
Topic Sentence (TS) 1: Legal Status of single parents are not officially acknowledged.

* PS 1: Government does not want to change the definition of nuclear family * SS1a: There are hardly any news or help given for single parents as they do not want to encourage it * SS1b: In Singapore, a nuclear family is considered as a husband, mother with child. * PS2: This is in line with traditional Asian values

* SS2a: Traditional Asian values include having a ‘normal family’ of a father, mother and child. Whereas single families are against the normal traditions. * SS2b: Dr Lam Pin Min, an MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC had acknowledged that that the Government does not want to encourage the growth of alternative households and the erosion of Asian values. * PS3: some countries have made changes and schemes to assist single parents * SS3a: countries like Australia have schemes and help groups which offer services to single parents * SS3b: Parent Payment Single (PPS) (otherwise know as the Single Mother Pension, Single Mother Payment or Single Parent Payment) and many other Centrelink payments and allowances available to Australian single mothers.

Body Paragraph 2
Topic Sentence (TS) 2: Government and help groups do not appear to provide any help to single parents. * Primary Support (PS) 1: there are no policies/ subsidies given to single parents. * Secondary Support (SS)1a: single parents are unable to receive subsidies from the government. * SS1b: E.g Home Ownership Plus Education (HOPE) by MCYS, are only available to married-couple or widowed families and thus exclude divorced fathers and unwed families. * PS2: Help groups are unable to provide the right kind of help for them * SS2a: there are very few help groups that focus on helping single parents * SS2b: the few that do provide help mostly only provide a group where single parents may gather and give moral support to each other but not providing physical help. * PS3: Schemes provided are only providing temporary and basic which cannot help them in the long run * SS3a: only basic necessities like food vouchers, food rations are given to single parents * SS3b: these assistance only provide short term basic needs which can only help them at that point of time but does not help them improve their situation

Body Paragraph 3

Topic Sentence (TS) 3: Single parents are not benefitting from government policies * PS 1: Housing
* SS1a: public housing applicants in Singapore must be comprised of a married couple in order to be eligible for a government subsidies * SS1b: has significantly disadvantaged such families in a country where over 85 percent of the population lives in subsidized public apartments * PS2: Baby subsidies

* SS2a: pro-natal Baby Bonus, a government cash grant for newborns of married couples, for subsequent use towards childcare purposes * SS2b: giving them difficulties in having to support their child in the future. * PS3: Tax policies

* SS3a: tax relief granted to married parents to employ domestic maids is unavailable to single-parent households * SS3b: makes it more expensive to employ a maid to look after the child which is highly needed for the single parent as the single parent has to work long hours and cannot be home to stay with the child.

* Conclusion Paragraph: summary

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