“Are Unions Still Beneficial?”

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  • Published : October 22, 2011
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“Are Unions Still Beneficial?”|
Ginny Dion|


Unions are still beneficial in today’s work environment. From the beginning labor unions have been considered controversial. Most times people are either for or against labor unions. There are currently people fighting to try to pass laws to make it easier for labor unions to form. This is an issue because many companies are against labor unions and often try many different tactics to keep their employees from starting up a labor union. They go as far as showing videos to new and current employees speaking out against labor unions. According to the textbook, Human Resource Management, people join labor unions for many reasons such as; wages, benefits, working conditions, job security, and a desire for better communication with management. (374) Without labor unions where would we be in today’s work environment? It is possible that workers would still be working extremely long days for low wages in an unsafe work area. I am in support of labor unions and their right to organize. Labor unions as defined in Social Issues In America: An Encyclopedia, “Are groups of workers organized to pursue their economic and social goals under the sanction of federal law.”(Ciment 1789) Labor unions have helped to pass or been in support of many laws that we as workers enjoy today. Some of these laws are: workplace safety, having a minimum wage, unemployment insurance, FMLA of 1993, overtime pay, Social Security Act of 1935, and a reduced work day, etc. (ehow.com) There are four categories for unions: local unions, city and state, national or international, and federations of local, national, and international as found in the textbook Human Resource Management. (365) When I worked at the telephone company, SBC, as a 411 operator I was a member of Communications Workers of America (CWA). I do not believe that this job would have had the great wages, medical benefits, nor other benefits received...
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