Are Celebrities Good Role Models

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  • Published : September 13, 2011
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Are celebrities good role models?
Almost everyone knows celebrities. Many aspire to be just like them.You might go somewhere to find an Elvis imitator, or a young pianist trying to be like Lang Lang. Celebrities can be good or bad role models. Some get into trouble, som don't.Therefore, celebrities can be good and bad role models. One bad role model is Micheal Phelps, and a good one is Barrack Obama. Now for the bad. If one has watched the 2008 Summer Olympics, he must have seen Micheal Phelps, the famous swimmer. Phelps is famous for breaking the record for receiving the most gold medals at a single Olympics. Many of his fellow fans and swimmers believe that he did this fairly. However, this all changed when a photo of Micheal Phelps smoking marijuana was released in early 2009. He was suspended from competitive swimming for three months, which disappointed many fans. One student at my school, and avid swimmer, once reported that he was her hero and she wanted to be just like him. This all changed, after she found out about what Micheal Phelps did, and she called him, "a disgrace to the swimming community." Many other infamous athletes have been disgraced for using drugs, such as Barry Bonds. The amount of underage drug use cases are rising, and some of it can be attributed to bad role models. Hopefully, not too many amateur athletes will try to follow the path of these bad celebrities. However, there is a good side, as there are many good celebrities out there. One very good role model is Barrack Obama. Obama studied very hard when he was a child. As reported in Time Magazine, Obama was awakened early by his mother and forced to study at 4 a.m. However, this all paid off, as he became a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, and became a Senator in Illinois. His most astounding achievement was his victory in the 2008 presidential election against John McCain. One thing that proves Obama's popularity, is the fact that his name is becoming a...
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