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Aqualisa Quartz is an amazing product, it present innovation to shower market and deals with the temperature and pressure issue presented in other type of showers. Aqualisa Quartz is easy to install, no need of an expert, and also fast, half a day approximately, compared to other installations that can be 2-3 days. Besides they are very reliable, they do not break and do not need high maintenance. However, the product, after the launch, have’t sell as it was expected. The objective for this company is to sell more. As we see, in Exhibit 4, plumbers seem to be our target costumer, they are present in the 73% of shower selection. Even though Aqualisa is perceived as a high quality brand and with good costumer service and is number 3 in brand positioning in showers from all the United Kingdom, they have to differentiate from the competition to conserve its presence in market. Plumbers influence in the costumers choice, this is reflected in the 28% of the costumers end up installing the shower the plumber recommend and in a 25% of the cases, the plumber install a shower without even consulting the costumer, additional to that a 54% of the showers in UK are installed by a plumber. In the shower market, Aqualisa is perceived as a high price product, companies do not innovate and if they to is every 3-4 years, in addition to that people do not rely on new innovations given the fact that not good experiences have come with electrical innovation. The strategy, Aqualisa should implement is to direct the effort to high-standard segment with an innovated product that have a different and elegant designed product. This product should address mainly the plumbers that are interested in increasing their productivity and families with elders or children, whom functionality, innovation and design are important factors to consider. Is important to remember that once the plumbers try the product, have to be fascinated with it. For that...
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