Performance of Aqua Privy

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  • Published : October 12, 2012
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1.Performance of aqua privies in the Accra metropolitan assembly 2.a. The importance of this research is;
To investigate other means of improving the environmental health status of the AMA by developing an effective, efficient and sustainable management system for the operation and maintenance of aqua privies. b. The stakeholders largely include the vast majority of Ghanaians who use these facilities on a day to day basis including both private and public operators. The information from this research would basically;

Identify the wrong practices associated with the operation and maintenance of this toilet facility. •Make recommendations for private and public operators who maintain these facilities in the city of Accra. c. A large number of people in Accra are using public toilets thus including aqua privies scattered throughout the city because they have no proper private toilet facilities in their homes or work places. d. In the event that this research is not carried out;

The will be very little knowledge about operation and maintenance strategies. •The will be a very weak operational structure.
The will be little or no political commitment.
Lack of evaluation and review by regulatory and monitoring agencies. •And very little knowledge about divestiture in the sanitation department. e. The 5 journals are;
WHO (2006) Guidelines for the safe use of wastewater, excreta and greywater. vol. 4 •United Nations Environment Programme (2002) A directory of environmentally sound technologies for the integrated management of solid, liquid and hazardous waste for small island developing states (SIDS) in the Pacific •WHO (2002) Operation and maintenance of rural water supply and sanitation systems: A training package for managers and planners •WHO (1992) Guide to the development of on-site sanitation. vol. 1 •Whittington D et al. (1992), Household demand for improved sanitation: A case of Kumasi, Ghana, UNDP – World Bank and...
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