Appropriate Methods to Review Current Leadership Requirements in Organization

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Leadership Pages: 4 (755 words) Published: November 8, 2012
You are at a top management role of a certain organization. Since Myanmar economic condition is changing rapidly into competitive environment, your Organization needs to upgrade and expand the business. You are required to review your personal and professional skills needed to achieve strategic goals.

Task-1 Evaluate your personal1 and professional skills2 required to achieve organizational strategic goal3 of your chosen organization4.

Model Answer for Assignment 1
Format : essay Type

Executive Summary
Executive Summary is a brief but a complete view of Company Summary. This is just sample of me. I’m Ms Ma Ma, Managing Director of “ABC consultancy Company Ltd”. Our Company has long been an established financial consultancy Company since 1980, providing customer consultancy services from a chain of branches spread all over the Myanmar. ABC consultancy Company Ltd is located in Golden Valley. (continue with your writing……)

In Executive Summary the followings must include;
* Co; Name,
* Type: Manicuring, service, trading ( you guys can choose from those of 3) * Started date or year
* Nature of business: LIMITED Companies, Sole Traders, Partnership, cooperatives,Franchises * Employees

I believe I possess the following kinds of personal and professional skills. Personal skills
time management skill, SMART skills, delegation; stress management; problem solving; decision making; effective communication eg active listening, questioning, handling conflict. (You guys should use the above skills which taught by T. Theint and can write down theory meaning)

Time management skill
Definition ( write down)
Change the below personal time management table to meet your organization goal. Note: this table is writing down for learning purpose. So, you have to change to organization purpose.

( if some of students may already write down organizational time management table; eg....
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