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Challenge of Managing an Effective Apprentice Program

Challenge of Managing an Effective Apprentice Program
Training and development are an essential part of workplace competencies and present various challenges that a Leader must meet. Increasing the productivity of the people working for an organization is an important management duty. One of the objectives of training, development, and mentoring programs is a resulting increase in productivity and this is affected by the Manager who is assigned to the task. The appropriate training program can lower training costs and the training time. The right management approach and resource management can make training work smoothly and the apprentice’s experience a positive one. The right process can make training run smoothly, efficiently, and make progress tracking easy and quickly. Mentoring is a powerful form of job training and can contribute experience, skills, and wisdom to a mentored employee. The right Manager can increase and expand employee development through mentorship management. Mentoring, whether with a manager or another experienced employee, is a key in employee development within an organization. A training program must balance the need to provide the proper level of training against organizational constraints. Too much training is a waste of resources. Too little training could damage an organization's competitive position. Managers must determine the adequate training that allows companies to develop employee potential, help existing employees grow in their abilities, and increase organization assets and employee value. Rapid changes in technology, corporate initiatives and programs can make it difficult to distribute information. An adequately prepared Manager can deliver training before employees are affected by new information and new skills requirements. Once an established mentoring system is in place it can allow Managers to distribute training more effectively for time-sensitive issues. Challenge of Managing an effective Apprentice Program

Training is the process of making an individual acquainted with knowledge, skills and competencies needed by the individual to perform a particular job. Technical training such as Computer skills training are an essential part of workplace competencies and present challenges to the Managers. In times of poor economy, organizations find that they need to get the most out of their employees. In the early 1980s U.S. Steel underwent the decision to downsize. The company invested $1.7 billion to upgrade and computerize production. As part of its downsizing and restructuring, Management made the decision to eliminate the computer technical training program it had in place. The company used the saved expense and invested in the latest equipment for the current employees. The equipment was equipped with increased technology. The result was that workers would have to be trained with the skills to use the technology. Technology had surpassed the employee. U.S. Steel then found itself needing a training program. This organization, like many others after, found that investments in physical resources often require investments in training and in training (Gomez-Mejilla, Balkin, & Cardy, 1995, 2007) and Managers who support and understand the importance of training. Once an individual accepts a position in an organization, it is the duty of the Manager to provide the appropriate training for the employee to excel. Without proper training that individual, no matter what their qualifications and prior training, needs additional resources to perform a new job. The IT software and services industry has grown rapidly over the last decade. It now encompasses about 650,000 employees. Over the next five years, this number is expected to triple, to over 2 million persons, so as to meet the target of $75 billion in revenues, including exports...
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