Applying for Financial Aid

Topics: New York City, Student financial aid, FAFSA Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: November 9, 2010
I need to reapply for financial aid for the new school year before the due date which is usually in August. Since I am under 24 I need to wait for my mother to fill out her taxes. In the meantime, I’ll gather our 2009 income tax returns, social security numbers, and W-2 forms (which everyone needs in order to apply). Students can start applying January 1; since my mother and I already have a pin (which is needed and obtainable at I’ll log in to and fill out the financial aid form using our estimates. The FAFSA priority deadline for fall is March 31!!! Once my mom files her taxes (which are due April 15, 2010) I’ll correct all the information with the accurate numbers and calculations. It is crucial that I remember to put down my schools federal code, which for CSI is 002698. If I am having trouble with this at home I will call Stefani Gardener (the SEEK financial aid advisor) and set up an appointment so she can help me. Now that that’s complete I will link to ‘TAP on the web’ from my FAFSA application which is for New York residents only. For TAP I need to list CSI’s New York state school code which is 1417 (TAP only awards the first school listed on the FAFSA). Then I will be mailed an Student Aid Report (SAR) and if everything is correct on that I can go ahead and verify my data. Lastly, CUNY will alert me by email to file a CUNY Financial Aid Supplement via CUNY portal. If I do not complete this I will not be considered for certain state aid.
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