Action Plan Letter for Financial Aid

Topics: Change, Sociology, 2007 singles Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: April 19, 2013
To whom it may concern,
I am writing to appeal my current student aid suspension for the Fall 2013 semester. I am aware that this has taken place due to my college GPA and lack of attendance in classes. I have met with a student advisor and am currently taking steps to improve my careless behaviors and restart my process. In the times that I have become absent, I have been dealing with the changes of the Board of Social Services. They have changed many rules and regulations after the time I began in January of 2012. I am currently getting more information on what their dos and don’ts of this program with me being a student will or will not affect in future references. In this time I have also made out an action plan to improve and cautiously take on the next level. I have made the choice of retaking classes such as Math and English. I have declared a reasonable way to be in school and cooperate with the Board of Social Services, with that being said I have taken action and changed my major from Health Science-LPN Preparation to Pharmacy Technician. I will also be required to take fewer classes to avoid a collision with the criteria of the Board of Social Services. I have been trying to collaborate and make arrangements, and abide by the bylaws of the Social Services. They are strict, but I am willing to make a change in my passion to take on a new career field. I am not placing blame on them because I have been slacking and blowing off days in my time here as well. I can guarantee that I will not slack on any of my obligations for the Fall of 2013 and if there are any more ways to clean up my act and straighten out this mess I have created, I am always available for opinions.
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