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Topics: Power in international relations, Superpower, Africa Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Ashley Knesz
Admissions Essay
10 November 2012
The Efficient Super Power “Flight”
The words “super powers” are always used to make people’s minds wander into a fantasy world where they have a special gift that can help them somehow. However, one’s imagination is different from reality, so in theory, a person could never receive such powers. Although if I could develop a super power, I would choose the power of flight.

Flying would be beneficial to my daily life because it would help me travel from place to place in an efficient manner. Flying would have multiple benefits such as a reduction of fuel usage for cars and efficiency. I want to be able to fly because I want to travel to other places in the world without wasting gas or buying plane tickets. Flying would be an alternate for driving around in a car and it would be beneficial for the environment. Every time I fly to a place, more gas is saved since I am not using my car. Therefore, the air we breathe in every day would become cleaner because there would be less exhaust and gases in the air. It would save time since I would no longer be delayed by traffic, stop signs or lights, accidents, or other travel impediments. I love to travel, but I hate how long it takes to get to the destination. If I could fly I would be able to get to places quicker, save money, and it would benefit the environment since there would be less pollution emitted into the world.

My kryptonite would not be another person, such as a villain in fantasy stories, but it would affect my superpower strength. One of the major problems is that even though I would be helping the environment, the rest of the world would still be affecting it negatively. Therefore, my ability to fly would not significantly change the harmful gases that are emitted into the air that we breathe and live on. Also, flying would drain my energy so I would not be able to go too far without getting extremely tired. In other words, I would not be able to...
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