Apple Forecasting Outline

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Sean Herold

Week 4 Apple Outline


Valorie Howard


Apple Forecasting, Budgets, &MRP

A. Forecasting Technique

I. Time Series Analysis

A) Trend Projections-Fits a mathematical trend line to the data points and projects it into the future.

B) Apple forecasting – Company is progressively stronger over past 10 years

C) Current market demand requires trend forecasting

B. Budgets

I. Constant Workforce

a) Monthly Calculations

1)Working days of month

2) Production Hours

3) Demand forcast

4) starting/ending inventory

5) Strait time Cost

C. MRP Concepts

I. Assemble-to-stock

a) iPad, iPhone, iPod, laptops and desktops

II. Assemble-to-order

a) Custom built laptops and desktops

b) Software and application preferences

c) Hardware components

D. Conclusion (Recap)

I. Forecasting Technique

II. Budgeting



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