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Our main reason and purpose in study and exposure in the clinical area is for us to identify problems encountered by the clients; this is one of our tools of learning knowledgeably and skillfully. We, as health care providers, it is indeed our vocation to adjoined hands with the health team for the promotion of wellness of our client. Our main objectives for this study are the following:

1.) To identify the chief complaints and admitting diagnosis of our patient so that we can give specific nursing interventions.

2.) To determine the family and personal health history of our patient that may affect present health condition.

3.) To identify the cause and effect of the main problem through a correct analysis of the pathophysiology of the case.

4.) To make a nursing care plan for the different health problems encountered by the client.

Specifically, the study aims to:
1. To gather and obtain progress notes.
2. To obtain and present the diagnostic test and the laboratoryresults of the patient. 3. To conduct health teachings as one way of providing andpromoting holistic care to the patient 4. To present an overview about Acute Appendicitis.

In general, this study aims to enhance the skills and knowledge us the students in providing holistic care to the patient. We logically search further knowledge in order to attain the desired goal and intervention for the wellness of the patient.

I. Introduction:

Acute appendicitis is acute inflammation and infection of the vermiform appendix, which is most commonly referred to simply as the appendix. The appendix is a blind-ending structure arising from the cecum. Acute appendicitis is one of the most common causes of abdominal pain and is the most frequent condition leading to emergent abdominal surgery in children. The appendix may be involved in other infectious, inflammatory, or chronic processes that can lead to appendectomy; however, this article focuses on acute appendicitis. Appendicitis and acute appendicitis are used interchangeably. Common symptoms of acute appendicitis include abdominal pain, fever, and vomiting. The diagnosis of appendicitis can be difficult in children because the classic symptoms are often not present. (See Clinical Presentation.) A delay in the diagnosis of appendicitis is associated with rupture and associated complications, especially in young children. Improvements in rupture rates have been made with advanced radiologic imaging. Appendicitis is a clinical diagnosis with imaging used to confirm equivocal cases. The definitive treatment for appendicitis is appendectomy. Key to any evaluation and treatment plan are the following: relieve the patient's pain and discomfort early and consistently; communicate with the patient and family about the plans; repeat the examination often; adjust the differential diagnosis as appropriate; and keep the patient for observation if a firm diagnosis is not made. Etiology

Acute appendicitis is due to obstruction of the blind ending appendix, resulting in a closed loop. In children, obstruction usually results from lymphoid hyperplasia of the submucosal follicles. The cause of this hyperplasia is controversial, but dehydration and viral infection have been proposed. Another common cause of obstruction of the appendix is a fecalith. Rare causes include foreign bodies, parasitic infections (eg, nematodes), and inflammatory strictures. Epidemiology

Appendicitis has an incidence of 70,000 pediatric cases per year in the...
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