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a. User’s Manual


Figure a.1 Tabular Links

The form consists of the following tabs:
1. Home - When home page link is pressed it will directly go to the homepage that contains some information about King Kerwin Apartelle and a slideshow of different photos in King Kerwin Apartelle. This is also called a start page or local file that automatically loads when a web browser starts or when the browser's "home" button or “home” link is pressed. 2. About Us – When about us link is pressed it will directly go to the about us page that contains company profile of King Kerwin Apartelle and their services offered. 3. Contact Us - When contact us link is pressed it will directly go to the contact us page that contains textboxes which allows the user to have an inquiry or send an inquiries, questions, verification and concerns about the web site or about the process of the king kerwin. 4. Gallery – When gallery link is pressed it will directly go to the sample picture of each rooms of King Kerwin Apartelle and Transient House. 5. Booking – When booking link is pressed it will directly go to the reservation page that contains instructions on how to have a reservation in the rooms. A cancel reservation and reservation form link is also included in the reservation page.

King Kerwin Room & Rates

Figure a.2 Room & Rates

Contact Us

Figure a.3 Contact Us
The contact us form contains different textbox with a different labels on it. This will allow the user to contact the administrator or the manager of King Kerwin Apartelle for some concerns or questions regarding to King Kerwin Apartelle. It has a reset button which shall reset all fields when it is pressed and a send button which shall send the inquiries of the client to the administrator’s e-mail address or manager’s e-mail address.


Figure a.4 Gallery
Gallery page contains photos and highlights of each room of King Kerwin Apartelle and Transient House.

Check Availability

Figure a.5 Check Availability Page
Check Availability form shows the availability of each room

Online Reservation Form

Figure a.6 Online Reservation Form
Online Reservation Form contains different fields or textboxes that the user or the clients must fill out. Some fields are required in order for the system process it correctly and in order for the user to complete his/her reservation. The reservation shall be saved to database and send to user’s email address.

Log-in Page



Figure a.7 Log-in Page
The Log-in page holds the whole system security. The log in page is where the admin gives personal information to be identified by the system and allow access to users. The admin inputs the user name and password and clicks the Log - In button (1) to enter the admin main page. The system has the Forgot Password (2)


Admin Side Bar

Figure a.8 Admin
The form consists of the following links:
1. Admin Home – When admin home link is pressed, the page shall directly load at the home page of the admin 2. Logout - When logout link is pressed, the system shall log-off and shows again the log-in form. 3. View Reservation – When view reservation link is pressed, the page shall directly load at the view reservation page that consists of all reservation has been made by the client in tabular form. 4. Rooms – When rooms link is pressed, the page shall directly load at the room page that consist of add new room, edit room and delete room. 5. Promo&Event – When promo&event link is pressed, the page directly load at the promo&event form that you can post Promo and Event of a company.


Figure a.8 View Reservation

This form is for viewing all the reservation’s information of the client taken from online reservation form. The admin can also edit, cancel the reservation and print all the reservations or...
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