Crisis Action Plan

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Emergency Action / Continuity of Operations Plan


Fort Worth Police Department

Activation Instructions

The Fort Worth Police Department Crisis Response Plan should be activated by the Chief of Police or, in his absence, the acting Chief of Police, for any event determined to be disastrous to the citizens of and visitors to the City of Fort Worth, Texas.

Table of Contents

2.Critical Organizational Functions6
3.Planning Scenarios7
A.Natural Disasters7
B.Man-made Disasters8
C.Fictitious Disasters9
4.Contingency Phases12
A.Pre-crisis Phase12
B.Response Phase13
C.Recovery Phase13
D.Restoration Phase13
5.Processes and Procedures14
6.Teams and Authorities15
A.Operations Team15
B.Communications Team15
C.Logistics Team16
D.Information Technology Team16
E.Administrative Team16
A.Appendix A17
B.Appendix B18
C.Appendix C19
D.Appendix D20

1. Introduction

Fort Worth has experienced high straight-line winds, tornadoes, ice storms, floods, and traffic crippling snow. When it is determined that if any event should become disastrous to the citizens of and visitors to the City of Fort Worth, TX, the Chief of Police should order the Crisis Response Plan to be put into operation. The Fort Worth Police Department’s Crisis Response Plan is designed to institute policies and procedures for a reaction to any emergency or crisis. While it is understood that no plan can prepare for every unknown contingency, the Crisis Response Plan provides a framework from which to respond and overcome the crisis or emergency. Purpose

The Crisis Response Plan is designed to efficiently manage the assets and resources of the Fort Worth Police Department to protect the lives and property of visitors, citizens, officers, and staff. The Crisis Response Plan concisely delineates the command structure and coordinates communication within the Department, with the Fort Worth Fire Department, City of Fort Worth, Tarrant County, the public via the various forms of media, and with neighboring police departments. The Crisis Response Plan includes the procedures for the rapid identification of potentially dangerous conditions and the methods for reporting and responding to these emergencies quickly calmly, and effectively. Applicability

The Crisis Response Plan should effect :
* All officers, Regular and Reserve,
* FWPD staff, and
* Civilians employed or utilized by FWPD.

The Crisis Response Plan cannot provide specific information and actions for every possible emergency. It should provide a framework from which all participants can be guided in their efforts. It is understood that on-the-spot decisions should be made by trained professionals, both sworn and civilian, and such decisions should be supported by the Crisis Action Management Team. Objectives

The Crisis Response Plan is designed to be executed in times of emergency and crisis. It should be executed to accomplish the following priorities: * Protect the citizens of and visitors to the City of Fort Worth, TX, from harm. * Protect the property of the City of Fort Worth, both governmental and private. * Communicate effectively and truthfully to:

* The public, either directly or through the media,
* Management of the City of Fort Worth,
* Management of the County of Tarrant,
* The officers, supervisors, and staff of the Fort Worth Police Department, and * All members of the inter-organizational network.
* Respond to activation of the Operation Partnership Emergency Network (OPEN). Assumptions

Since a crisis may arise at any time, given the complexity of Fort Worth city boundaries and its large and growing population, all possible and potential crises must be...
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